This section includes all recent news & events under participation of IBK-Innovation.

Time Series Classification via Deep Learning

IBK would like to investigate the potential of deep learning for applications in the flight physics domain. A first study in the field of time series classification has been carried out using the recordings from the Human Activity Recognition (HAR) dataset in a KERAS model. The signals, classes and the result of the LSTM / CNN network are visualized in an interactive dashboard. After a first successful demonstration the prototype shall now be tested on a more complex task, the classification of segments and events based on real flight recordings.

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IBK attended Fast-Rotorcraft Annual Review Meeting

On the 8th-10th the Annual Review Meeting for the Fast-Rotorcraft, an IADP inside JTI-Cleansky 2, was held on the site of CIRA in Capua. IBK attended this meeting as partner of the core-partner project “T-Wing”, in which a consortium is designing, and going to manufacture and qualify the wing for the Next-Generation Civil Tilt-Rotor. The Consortium is also supporting Leonardo Helicopter, Work Area Leader of FRC, to achieve the permit-to-fly for flight tests in 2023.