Performing validation solutions for technologies to demonstrate benefits

We provide the validation strategy and are able to manage and perform all relevant steps necessary to achieve high technical readiness levels for new technologies.

IBK has a strong background developed in particular due to strong activities in the JTI-Cleansky 1 program of supporting validation campaigns, in particular test-campaigns in which technologies are analysed in an environment that enables realistic assessment.

Core activities in this regard are wind-tunnel test activities. IBK has the competence to design wind-tunnel models for all wind-tunnels currently operated. These models can be either component models (wing-only), half-models or full models. So far models including powered engine simulations have been developed as well as dynamically scaled wind-tunnel models for Load-Control and Alleviation purposes.

Due to the strong background in aerodynamics and structural mechanics IBK is able to design these models including the full stiffness/ strength analysis and aerodynamic assessment under WT-conditions, if necessary. Safety and efficiency are key in the wind-tunnel.

Over the years IBK has established a network of manufacturers we are cooperating with. In parallel to the design activities IBK is therefore able to manage the manufacturing, including acceptance tests and all necessary preparations to ensure robust testing scenarios. A well established contact to relevant European wind-tunnel operators is existing that ensures direct communications to quickly resolve open questions.