First powered test-campaign of new C295-WT model (delivered by the JTI-CS project POLITE) successfully performed

The modular wind tunnel model of the C295, which was design by the partners IBK, ARA, RUAG and DREAM in the frame of the JTI-CS project POLITE, has been successfully tested in RUAG LWTE in several power-on cruise and high-lift conditions in the last weeks.

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IBK was present at the Aerodays 2019 Congress in Bucharest, from the 27th to the 30th of May, by presenting two scientific topics performed in the framework of two different projects, T-WING and POLITE.

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IBK attended Fast-Rotorcraft Annual Review Meeting

On the 8th-10th the Annual Review Meeting for the Fast-Rotorcraft, an IADP inside JTI-Cleansky 2, was held on the site of CIRA in Capua. IBK attended this meeting as partner of the core-partner project “T-Wing”, in which a consortium is designing, and going to manufacture and qualify the wing for the Next-Generation Civil Tilt-Rotor. The Consortium is also supporting Leonardo Helicopter, Work Area Leader of FRC, to achieve the permit-to-fly for flight tests in 2023.